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Microdermabrasion is an amazing non-invasive skin resurfacing treatment that significantly improves the overall appearance, health, and quality of the skin. The deep exfoliation effects of microdermabrasion helps to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, reduce hyper pigmentation and photo damage, minimizes enlarged pores, reduce acne breakouts, and smooth out superficial scarring and stretch marks. Microdermabrasion enhances circulation and lymph flow which helps to improve the internal health of the skin. With each microdermabrasion treatment the skin becomes smoother and brighter, ultimately revealing a more vibrant complexion. Clients can see improvement in the texture, color, and tone after the very first treatment.

For the best results, a series of 3 or more treatment sessions are recommended, 10 to 14 days apart. There is minimal post-treatment downtime with this very safe and effective treatment.

$125 or Series of 3 treatments, $300

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