Skin Therapy Services in NH

About Us

Here at Luna Energy & Esthetics, each treatment is uniquely customized using natural and innovative products to provide effective results for your individual skin care needs. Utilizing the science of nature and the power of touch, our skin care services deliver optimal skin health and wellness. Expect the undivided attention you deserve for you and your skin while receiving services that are both results-oriented and relaxing.

A detailed consultation will provide you with a renewed sense of understanding about your skin. You can feel confident knowing Luna Energy & Esthetics is dedicated to offering consistent client care and comprehensive advice for maintaining optimum skin health.

Luna Energy & Esthetics is located inside Gilford Village West building Two.

Meet the Owner

Owner, licensed Aesthetician, and Reiki Master, Amanda Liakas, has taken her 10 years of experience in the medical field as a Dental Hygienist and pursued her passion in skin care. Amanda is a graduate of the private, board certified Institute of Skin Science in Stratham, NH. Working with a mission to magnify each individual client’s beauty, she is deeply committed to providing the best products, services, and client experience.

Amanda takes pride in working personally with each client to develop personalized treatment plans focused on realistic & satisfying results; results that build trust and long-term relationships. Each professional treatment recommendation comes with an individually developed and cost effective skincare regime that is designed to maintain results and prevent further skin damage.

“I have always enjoyed health, wellness, and taking care of others. I am beyond excited to have discovered and pursued my true passion. I love surpassing client expectations and providing high-performance, results-oriented skin care. I feel strongly that science can be combined with energy, emotions, and atmosphere; creating a multi-sensory experience, thus benefiting mind, body and spirit.”

Nothing fuels expertise like commitment to education. Amanda is dedicated to continuous education and advanced trainings to remain at the forefront of the beauty and wellness industry. Her love of learning and passion for professionalism drives her to offer the best advancements and treatment protocols for her clients. Meticulous attention to detail is applied to all aspects of Amanda’s work. She is deeply committed to helping her clients look and feel their best.